A Message from Pastor Max

Greetings Boots-n-Saddle Cowboy Church Family


As you are aware, we have been monitoring the current COVID-19 crisis closely. Over the past few days some things have changed. Many school districts have extended school closures or called off the rest of the school year with in-house education and are working to ensure our

children are receiving educational instruction via online or hard-copy packets. In addition, we are seeing social gathering policies, business closures, and essential/nonessential classifications changing on Federal, State and local community levels daily. These decisions have led us to the

following conclusion. 

In compliance with federal, state and local mandates, Boots-n-Saddle Cowboy Church will continue LIVE stream and VIDEO until we are once again able to meet as our whole family. Early on, our decisions were made with our most vulnerable people in mind. We continue to make

every effort to safeguard the health and well-being of our BSCC family and remain committed to staying the course until we ALL re-unite together again.

Since the beginning of the virus we have seen and heard of many CELEBRATIONS with people connecting, encouraging and caring for one another. Men's and Women's Bible Studies groups continue to meet (via ZOOM) together in lieu of challenging circumstances. Live Streaming

via FaceBook has made services available for the Church body to continue to worship together. Communication updates continue to go out by email, social media and web. Most importantly, GOD remains on the throne and in control of all things at all times and for that we give all glory and praise to HIM!

With so much going on, you may be wondering how we can stay connected, below are some suggestions.

1. Start each day off POWER-Fully.
With the usual hustle and bustle of everyday life coming to a crawl, we have the opportunity to spend our time focusing on our relationship with God and others.


Begin your day with Prayer by nurturing and developing vibrant prayer habits during this time. Now, is when God's people step up and pray for our nation and the world during these times.


Choose to live out your walk Obediently. We have an opportunity to demonstrate to all around us what it means to reflect our Christian walk by submitting to our authorities, encouraging one another daily and being a positive light to those we encounter by living faithfully not fearfully.


Exalt the Father in all circumstances at all times. Even though we are experiencing terrible and troubling times we must remember God's character and nature does not change. That's right. He is Still God, perfect, loving, sovereign, Holy, compassionate, merciful, the King of Kings, Lord of Lords and so much more ...... the more we focus on Him the less we will fear during these times. God is good!!


Continue to invest in your Relationship with God, your families and others. Check in on one another, make sure the needs of those in your lives are being met. Be the Church by pursuing relationship and serving one another.


Let's live our lives Fully dependent on the Holy Spirit. Ask God each day to reveal to you His purpose and His plan, then act accordingly. If we allow ourselves to accomplish His game plan each day, we will see amazing celebrations to follow.

2. Share your celebrations with us so that we can encourage others.

You can e-mail your celebrations and words of encouragement to maxgunn08@yahoo.com. If you have any photo's to accompany your testimony please attach those as well. 

3. Join with Pastor Max as he shares from God's Word
on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Giving is also available through the website: www.bsccgatesville.com/give.  

You may also continue to mail in your tithes and offerings to:

Boots-n-Saddle Cowboy Church

P. O . B o x 2 3 4

Gatesville, TX 76528

Thank you Boots-n-Saddle Cowboy Church for your constant love and care for the hurting, sick, and broken. Together we will witness God's name being glorified among all people. Let's continue to "wash the feet' of everyone around us daily and trust God for His love and provision at all


Matthew 6:33-34 "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these

things will be provided for you. Therefore don't worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

To Him who is able,

Max Gunn, Pastor 

Boots-n-Saddle Cowboy Church

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